Speakers to match Receiver Pioneer VSX-917



Help me please: What speakers to match the Receiver Pioneer VSX-917 and the Pioneer DVR-LX60?

- Q Acoustics Pack 5.1 (1020 + 1000 + 1000 S)
- Tannoy HTS200 AV Speaker Package
- Mordaunt Short Premiere
- Others? Mission, Monitor Audio

Budget up to £500

Thanks in advance


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I think it is something of a myth that speakers must 'match' an specific amp.

True there are some people who find that some speakers work better with some amps, but that is a very fine and subjective 'science' have as much to do with personal preference as with objective science.

Generally, all speakers are made to match all amps.

You seem to be looking at a reasonable and common amp, and you seem to be desiring to match it with equally reasonable and common speakers. Pick a set you like, and generally, you can't go wrong.

So, hopefully others who respond will give their opinions on the various speaker sets you are looking at, so you can make some judgment as to which will suit your personal preferences.

In every buying decision, there comes a point where you have to step away form the technical specifications, and decide what you personally want and like.

You might want to check out this thread. Someone is essentially asking the same question as you, but different speakers, different amp. Notice that the responses do not generally speak of match amp and speaker, but instead talk of characteristics of the speaker, good bass, bright, neutral, etc....


As some point the deciding factor really is your personal preferences and desire. Some people like a heavy droning bass, others like less heavy but clearer bass. Some like bright crisp highs, but other find it irritating. If possible, find a way to listen to the various speakers you are interested in buying. That is probably the truest measure of whether you will like them.

For what it's worth.



Thank you very much, Steve. I'm a newby and all suggestions are welcome. You're wright I want something "common" but with some quality to join a Pioneer plasma (427XA). I have a lot of doubts about which are the best choices...

Thanks again!


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