Question Speakers to match Pioneer SA-7800 specification


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Hi, I became the owner of Pioneer SA-7800 amplifier. Looking for the right type speakers and need help/guide on this. I have attached photo with amp specification for reference.
Many thanks in advance


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Ok.. the pioneer sa-7800 interesting amp and will be a fun one to try and match..

i'll bullet point the main sound issues
  • low mid range emphasis
  • focuses on bass response
  • average upper mid to treble recessed by the above.
  • prone to caps popping sadly and need to be checked / overhauled if buying used
  • Puts a smile on your face if you love dance / bass tracks
now.. partnering.. avoid bass heavy speakers.. you want nice "airy"speakers
i'll bullet point a few
  • wharfedale diamond 220 (£99) standmount
  • 2nd hand MA bronze 1 standmount
  • curved ball .. but the Dali Spektor 1 (6ohm) would be interesting standmounts too..
  • older castle richmonds (bass thin standmounts)
  • older jamos.. compact 700's, cornet 25's,
  • Bang and Olufsen Beovox CX 100's (6ohm)
  • Classic Mission 700's!
These are the kind of speakers i'd probably consider to throw at it


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Thanks for your detailed response.
In terms of wattage, what is the maximum for two speakers (8ohms). I do like a Classic Mission 700's speakers. They will match nicely....


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The technics are supposedly 50w speakers.. the mission 700 is a 20-75w speaker. 55hz bottom end so punchy and not bloated in the bass. 19mm treble as opposed to 25mm


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I’d be rather dubious of getting a decent, quick, non flabby sounding bass from an amp with a damping factor of 55.

Bearing that in mind, I’d suggest some super tight, non ported speakers if possible.

I think you’d benefit from some of the slightly smaller Spendors too.

Ps, and if you’re using a modern source, a CD player or dac, then a pair of attenuators might be advisable. A 150mv input can easily be swamped by 2000mv.
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