Speakers to match or exceed my MA PL300/PLC150


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For quite some time I was watching films in a non dedicated room. The set up in brief was

1) MA PL300

2) MA PL150 for centre

3) MA RSFX for surrounds

4) SVS PCU13

5) Onkyo 5507 processor with some nice amplification.

I'm now building a dedicated HC room. I'll keep the MA PL300s in another room for stereo music and sell the centre.The new dedicated room is for film only, no music.

In the new dedicated room there will be an AT screen with the new speakers behind the screen of course. The bigger the new speakers are the more space they will take up behind the screen and therefore the viewing distance will decrease.

This is the room

So what I'm after are dedicated home cinema speakers that will at least rival but hopefully exceed my MA PL set up in terms of movie playback.

Thanks for your help


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If only for movie use then I would look at brands like M&K Sound that are dedicated to making great movie speakers. What is your budget?


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Thanks. No set budget, achieving the right end result is more important.

Andrew K

Have you thought about using three of the Platinum In-wall speakers :-
Monitor Audio Platinum In Wall - Quantum AV

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Thanks. No set budget, achieving the right end result is more important.

then you have to give yourself time and demo the new MK S300`s, the MKS150 MK2`s are good but these are something else

Allan :smashin:


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Can we at least assume you are looking for a system at a similar price?

Have you made a decision on an Amp?

The Room is roughly 5.4m L x 3.2m W? (17.7 ft X 10.5 ft)

One assumes you will put the Projection Screen on the 3.2m (10.5ft) wall. Do not make the screen so big that you don't leave room for speakers. Off the top of my head, I would say on a 10 ft wall, you probably don't want a screen wider than about 6 ft.

That is not a huge room, so perhaps something like the MK S150 or S300 would work well. These are used for sound mixing at many movie studios.

Ideal - AV ... MK S150

Ideal - AV ... MK S300

Ideal - AV ... MK IW150 In-Wall

Ideal - AV ... MK MP150 On-Wall

Have you consider moving the Monitor Audio Platinum to the Home Cinema room, and installing a new Stereo in the main lounge to replace it?

If the PL300 seem too big for the Cinema room, perhaps the PL200 are a consideration.

If you like the sound of the Monitor Audio Platinum, then consider the suggested Platinum In-Wall. I suspect they would make a very good sounding system, assuming you can embed them in the walls.

A lot of relevant decisions are intertwined. If the screen gets bigger, the speakers get smaller. Built in (in-Wall) speakers mean the walls have to lend themselves to speaker being built in. Etc...

In a Home Cinema Amp, though there are many brands, I would suggest a separate AV Pre-Amp/Process and Power Amps. Myself, If I had your implied budget, I would go with a collection of stereo amp rather than a single amp with 5 or 7 amp channels.

Though, Parasound doesn't really make a suitable Pre-Amp/Processor, they do make ideal Power Amps.

Parasound makes a 3-Channel amp for Front and Center, then just add the sufficient number of Stereo amps to meet your needs -

Parasound A31 3-channel, 250w/ch to 8 ohms, Priced at about £3000 -

Product Lines > Halo > A 31 Three Channel Power Amplifier

Parasound A21, 2-channel, 250w/ch to 8 ohms, Priced about £2400 -

Product Lines > Halo > A 21 Two Channel Power Amplifier

Parasound A23, 2-channel, 125w/ch to 8 ohms, Pirced about £1000 -

Product Lines > Halo > A 23 Two Channel Power Amplifier

They also make a 5-channel amp-

Parasound A51, 5-channels, 250w/ch to 8 ohms, Priced about £4700 -

Product Lines > Halo > A 51 Five Channel Power Amplifier

Others from Marantz, Yamaha, Rotel, Arcam and others, though the 3-channel amp is somewhat unique to Parasound.

Here is a link to a discussion of Parasound Product, Stone Audio is the Suppliers, but there website seems to be down at the moment.

Parasound launches P5 Stereo Preamplifier | AVForums

AV Pre-Amp/Processors -

Home Cinema Pre Amps Marantz AV8801 | hifix.co.uk

Home Cinema Pre Amps Yamaha CXA5000 | hifix.co.uk

and others.

Just a few thoughts.

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Saul Goodman

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Look no further than a Ken Kreisel speaker package, after all he more or less invented home cinema sound! :)


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I've thought about platinum in walls but would really like to explore speakers made specifically for movie playback.

MK and KK are of course on the radar. Alan, even though I said there was no set budget the S300 is a bit too much money!

BWiz, I'll be using an AT screen so bigger size speakers won't mean a smaller screen thankfully. However the deeper the speaker the more space they'll need behind the screen and so my viewing distance will decrease.

I really like the platinums for music and they also look gorgeous so I think it's probably better to keep them on display in the lounge.(and get something else for the dedicated hc)

I already have an Onkyo 5507 avp, which I'll keep for now and quite a few respectable amps (see sig) to be getting on with.

It's the speakers I really need to make a decision on as that will dictate how I construct the false wall behind the screen.

So if we consider MK and KK my next question is what can I get away with? To get a result comparable to my platinums could I use MP150s or Q85s or would I need to step up to s150 or q125 respectively?

Many thanks

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the MP150`s and S150`s for me are more or less identical sonically, I`d say that depending on screen type that this could affect the audio more than the speaker differences

the 150`s are very good with music and extremely good for movies but remember you need to couple them to a good sub or subs as they only go down to 80hz

I have them behind a Seymour Centre Stage XD screen and they sound fabulous to me and anyone who hears them


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for absoulte performance the s150 over the MP 150 for a start you are getting twice the cabinet

im selling my s150 Mk 2 and replacing with MP but that's only because my speakers are needed for a living room otherwise s150 all the way have a read of the Mk sound thread for a recent discussion of the merits of s150 over MP 150


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Thanks Al.

Dino, are your MK speakers up for sale now?


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yes mate in the speaker classifieds forum


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Monitor audio plc350 center
For sale

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