Speakers to go with new DVD player?

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Don't know if this is possible but my daughter has just purchased a new DVD player. She has connected it up to the TV via HDMI but she is now talking about extra speakers.
The only digital output the DVD player has is co-axial. Is there a 5.1 speaker system around that we could connect this up to without going to the expense of a seperate amplifier or is this not possible?
Many thanks


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There should be cheap one-box amp/speaker systems that should do what you want. Although unfortunately the cheap all-in-one systems would come with the DVD/blu-ray in the same box. Is the one she just bought still inside any no-quibble-returns period?

What's your budget?


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Onkyo do a sub and satellites the HTX-22HDX with the amp built into the sub. Would do what you want as it has digital inputs.

Maybe a little more than you wanted to pay as it's around £230 in 2.1 and about £85 more for the matching centre and rears.


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The will be plenty of options but really comes down to budget. What is the budget? Another option would that if it is only a DVD player then going secondhand could get you a reciever and speakers for not a lot of money.

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Thank you for your replies, apologies in not posting sooner but I have been away for the week-end!
I just wish she'd waited a while before rushing out on pay-day to buy the new player. It's her birthday in July and I think a "one box" solution might be coming her way for a present.
Seen a nice little Philips system that would fit the bill for under £80.00 at Richer Sounds. She's no audiophile and it should do everything she wants. Thank God she doesn't want Blu ray!
Thanks once again for your help


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The Onkyo system is probably equal or better than a typical all-in-one system.

The basic Front/Sub setup if about +£200 roughly -

Onkyo HTX-22HDX - Google Search

The system can later be expanded with a Center and Rear speakers for a modest £80 -

Onkyo SKS22X - Google Search

Or as you can see from the first link, the complete 5.1 systems can be had for about £320.

That might be more than you intended to spend, but building a system over time, ultimately leads to a better system in the end.

Personally, I would say, get a stereo amp and stereo speakers, for roughly the same price. But the Onkyo above has HDMI inputs, and a stereo, while not unresolvable, has some connection complications.

It is worth considering the Onkyo system.


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