Speakers to go with Cambridge Audio Azur?


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Hi there.

I have recently ordered the CA Azur amp and cd player (640 both), but my plan to get certain speakers that were lovely matching the set went wrong, so I am now wondering what could match them.
I listened to some Triangle speakers with them, but the result is not as good as with the classic series of CA. It seems like the new Azur series is not so warm, and the final result was quite bright.
I am looking for something with the following characteristics:

0. Budget: <600 euro! No stretch is possible (I am doing it already)
1. Good sensibility (the amp is "only" 65 watts rms), about 89-90 would do
2. Smooth but detailed treble. Everything there, but without "shining".
3. Expanded and deep stage, "live-feeling" (I know, this can be hard to marry with point 2), the speakers tending to "disappear"...
4. Well behaved in the middle freqs, to give the voices a kind of silk feeling, natural but warm, rounded.
5. Detailed bass. I don't want lots of bass, I think -3 dB at 50-55 Hz is enough. But the one I get I need it to be fast and detailed, not boombing.
6. If all the former requirements could ever be fulfilled, it would be great if they were nice looking.

All these is what I have heard in the Opera minimonitors, except the point 3, which was not as big as with the Triangle speakers.
I got the feeling that the metal tweeters tend to be "shiny", and cannot reproduce the voices as I required before. On the other hand, they can give a better (wider and deeper) stage scene, with a more lively feeling. Silk ones, on the other side, do not behave so good in the high freqs, they are not so detailed, but they do not annoy being "bright".
So, what would you propose?
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