Speakers to Buy – Money To Burn!! What will i get?


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I could do with some advice.

I'm selling a few items to upgrade my system, mainly my Arcam Diva A85 amp (boo,hoo, hoo I loved it soo mouch!)

At the moment i have a :

Pioneer 565A DVD player
2 B & W Speakers - CDM7NT's
and two (NEW) Rear Mordaunt Short BiPolars

I'm planning to buy a Pioneer VSXAX3 amp from the sale of the Arcam amp i've got.

I need to buy a Centre Speaker and a Subwoofer to compliment what i've got, and that will match the demands of the amp.

Any suggestions?



Ian J

As it's important that the centre speaker is a tonal match for the main speakers the obvious answer would be something from the B&W range.

Subwoofers vary a great deal in terms of cost, size and performance but the B&W ASW675 seems to be very popular


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or if you can't find one you could try a B&W CDM CSE
the CNT can be had for around £300,
The CNT is a great speaker but it is a bit big,
Full NT range across the front makes for a very detailed and focused sound stage. :)


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Sorry chaps, I don't think i'd go for either of these. Although the B&W centre is bloody good, asthetically, the missus ain't gonna like it! Plus it won't fit under the telly, which means having to mount it on a shelf beside it.

I take it as you say it's best to match the B&W fronts?
Is there another B&W front you know of which would be easily matched with these. I was even thinking of going for one of the Mordaunt Short fronts:blush:

In terms of the Sub, i think that price is a bit beyond my budget, probably tops i'd go to is about £300 Max. What about the Mordaunt Short; is it 309?



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If you can find a bit of extra cash I have got my ASW675 on EBay reserved at £500.;)
It's worth every penny!


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You could lookat one of the center speakers from B&W's 600 range LCR60 & LCR600 I think


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No thanks Stellar. A wbit beyond price range. Thanks SamirP, will check these out.


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