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My setup is as follows:

Yamaha DSP AX620 (upgraded from my old harman hardon AVI 100) last year.

Misison Av2i Speaker package (bought 1997) 731 Pro Fronts, 73C Centre, 73 surrounds

Yamaha SW80 sub

Toshiba sd100e DVD

Sony CDP XE 510 Cd player, Sony minidisc, Pioneer Tuner

I upgraded my amp last year which, other than giving me dolby digital gave me a slight improvement in stereo but now I think it might be time for my speakers to go. My speakers often sound quite strained - particularly in complex mixes and the centre speaker can often struggle to make speech clear. Also the subwoofer can sound really 'woolly' - it adds something to films but really mucks up fast beats in music - I think that a major improvement could be made here.

My room is smallish 6m x 3m.

From reading these boards it looks to me like the Velodyne CHT10 powerbuy might give me an improvement in the sub area and I quite like the look of the B&W 602S3, LCR60, 600S3 combo. Do you think this would give me a noticable improvement or should I be looking at some other area of my system?? Any other speaker recommendations to go with my amp?

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I think you´re right to look at the speaker/sub side of things as the rest of your kit is very good. Both the Velodyne sub and the B&W speakers should give you a noticable improvement over your existing speaker setup.

Other alternatives to consider are the Kef Q range & the later Mission ranges (don´t know them too well to be honest).

I´m sure you´ll get some other suggestions as well.:)



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I'd reccomend the 602S3's, best sounding speakers for £300. I also have a REL Q150 to take care of frequencies below 40hz which they can't do, but even without the sub they have plenty of punch! I have them connected to a Marantz SR5200, my center speaker is a monitor audio silver 10i, and my rears are rogers db101s. My TV is a sony 24" wide screen, DVD player is a sony DVPNS700V. not to mention all the computer stuff, dvd rack, wardrobe... My room is 5x5meters!!!!


I'd experiment a little first, before diving in and buying speakers.

How does your system sound without the subwoofer powered on at all - try to forget the loss of bass depth, and just listen for clarity, and the "strained sound" you've been hearing.
Set all tone controls off, or to their default positions.

Try it both in 5.1 mode, and in stereo.
If it's still disappointing, you may be right in that better/more suitable speakers may be needed.

If it sounds fine without the sub, but poor with it - then there's your answer - new (ie better) subwoofer req'd.

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