Speakers & sub for Denon ADV-M71?


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I am considering buying the Denon ADV-M71 and two speakers with possibly a sub woofer.

I come from traditional hi fi experience but want something that is easier to manage & becomes part of my new overall home entertainment system based on CD's radio etc and including for the first time DVD. I cannot any longer have an enormous rack of components, lots of wires nor have 5/6 speakers that I am not allowed to site where they would work well.

The Denon seems to answer this. The problem is with the speakers to use. They need to be reasonably efficient as the power output is modest. A sub for DVD work is acceptable - as an alternative I could manage space for a couple of smaller floorstanding speakers.

Like many older users I like open sounding and well controlled speakers rather than a ghetto blaster on steroids.

Unfortunately the speakers will need to be close to corners which eliminates many choices.

Thoughts please.

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