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Speakers, spikes and stands


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(not a duplicate thread btw)


I've got some unusual speakers - Eltax monitor 3. What makes them unusual is the downward firing bass port on the underneath, and the feet on them. What I'd most like to do is remove the feet entirely, buy some Atacama top plate spikes for my SE24s, and get a really solid connection between my stands and speakers. This would be ideal.

The thing is I'm not sure the feet are removeable without damaging the speakers. I gripped one with some plyers and rotated it, and it didn't unscrew, it just rotated. Also they would leave holes in the underneath of the speakers which look like they would line up with where the top plate spikes would connect.

So I don't think that's an option.

When I say feet, the feet are in two parts, the top part which is fixed to the speakers, and a lower part which screws into the top part and comes to a spiked point at the bottom. I took a photo to explain it-


The diagram I drew should explain it. The speakers also come with spike shoes as you can see. I'm wondering which is the best way to setup them up.

1 - with the full feet using the shoes (on blu-tac) or...

2 - just using the top half of the feet on blu-tac.

#2 seems to give a more solid connection but the bass seems more pronounced and purer with #1. You might say just listen and see which sounds best, but I've tried and it's hard to tell, and I'm not really sure how much bass there should be.

Just to clear up exactly what I'm talking about, I took some more photos. This is option 1-


and this is option 2-


The white mess is blu-tac (well, white tac) and you'll have to excuse the terrible photos from my excuse for a camera.

If anyone has any opinions, or they've used these speakers, or indeed has any better suggestions than using the Eltax feet, I'd really appreciate any help. I want to get the very best out of the speakers.


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