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Anders Porsmose

I need speakers to go with a Yamaha v1300 + 530 DVD player...
I think about the Sony Pascal 835

Sony Pascal 835 owners, your thoughts please

Any reviews?




I've got a set of SAVE 702’s that were the predecessor to the 835’s. I’ve had them for less than 6 month’s and I’m in the process of replacing them.

In my case my wife was against me having large speakers because our living room is small 3m x 3m, however even in this small room, they sound very thin and the centre channel does not come across clearly. They really fall down when you either play music or have music in the background of a film.

They recently reviewed the 835’s in one of the HC mag’s and only gave them 3-1/2 stars out of five

I know everyone will tell you this, DEMO THEM first.


Have had the 835s for a couple of months now and I can only say that they are awesome.

They are a million miles ahead of the earlier pascal efforts and cannot really be uttered in the same breath as the 702's.

The 835s have to be heard to be believed, they did take some time to intergrate them into my living room after having spent the last few years with big black box speakers, but the 835s have more then filled the role and look smart and sexy at the same time.

I tell you, you will not believe how loud these little beauties can go and still maintain clarity and create an involving soundstage even with full bitrate DTS discs like "The Haunting", "Daylight........WHOOAAHH Daylight :eek: " and "Saving Private Ryan", even "TWISTER DTS".


Superb, you will not be disappointed.



I bought these speakers about 4 months ago, without a trial! Absoloutley amazing for the size, they go very loud, with no distortion, and the sub is fantastic. Mine are paired with the Sony 1080 receiver, and I bought an extra single speaker (831ed) to give me full on DTS-ES surround sound - absoloutley fantastic. Bought the speakers from Robert Whyte Ltd (we're very good and delivered the next day!) for
£399 - extra speaker for the centre surround channel was £116 from techtronics (alot of money for 1 methinks!)

Go for 'em!:) :cool: :D


I have had these speakers for about two months now. I have them hooked up to the Sony 1080 amp, and like others here, I love them.
Highly recommended.
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