Speakers Restoration - CX7L -1983 - Crossover



I have got from my father a couple of really old speakers.

  • Colar Elettronic CX7L -1983 - 8 ohm - 80 watt - 3 way
  • 58*35*28 cm closed cabin (no bass reflex)
  • woofer 30cm 12 inc
  • Middle and tweeter burned (so I will replace it)
I bought a couple of:
  • DAYTON AUDIO RS52AN-8 - midrange
  • DAYTON AUDIO DC28F-8 - tweeter
I replaced those speakers but the original crossover is not optimized for those speakers.

The midrange works quite well but the tweeters not.

I don't know the spec. of the woofer.

Now I'm not an expert on the crossover.

Can you advise which spec should have a new one?



  • 275-070-dayton-audio-dc28f-8-silk-dome-tweeter-specifications.pdf
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  • 285-020--dayton-audio-rs52an-8-spec-sheet (2).pdf
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  • 1609246398710.jpg
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IWC Dopplel

Distinguished Member
Probably a better question for diy audio, some knowledgeable people there

I prefer 2nd order and avoiding electrolytic caps and if you an afford it Ohmite resistors and polypropylene caps (not worth going paper in oil at this price point)

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