Speakers Required for 5.1 Setup (to compliment Mission 780s)


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Hi chaps,

Decided it's time to merge my existing stereo setup with 5.1, thereby ditching my Logitech Z-5500.

Currently I have a setup that I've been using since my uni days and am very happy with: Nad C370 amp, a pair of Mission 780s and an Arcam Alpha 7SE CD player. Can anyone recommend someone who has been out of this game for some time a decent surround sound amp to replace the Nad?

Also, I'd really appreciate any advice on centre/rear speakers. Or perhaps I should be looking at using the 780s as rears and go for a whole new front setup?

Big thanks in advance! :smashin:
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I think you suggestion of using the 780s for surrounds may be a good one. Trying to find a centre to tonally match them may proove difficult.

I don't know anything about them, but I came across this on a google search:

I have been using 780s since the early 90s
If they are that old, the 'Mission sound' may have changed? I have a friend with some Epos speakers from a similar time and he contacted Epos to see what a current matching centre speaker would be and they said the ones he had had a "very 90s sound". Not sure what they meant, but suggests to me their sound may have changed. Wheather that is the case with Mission, I don't know. But using them as surrounds will give you a chance to get complete tonal matching across the front soundstage and still use your existing speakers as tonal matching between fronts and surrounds isn't as important, but i'd still try to keep to a similar tonal sound on the Warm/bright scale.

Current Mission speakers are generally regarded as bright, and normally pair well with warm natured amps from Denon Yamaha and Marantz. Other speakers that are similarly bright natured are Monitor audio (Not the RX series; they have a smoother sound) and Mordaunt Short.

You could consider neutral sounding speakers across the front though -- Acoustic Energy Q Acoustic and KEF spring to mind.

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