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Hi all,
I am going to buy my first home cinema system, and I would desire that it was the unique one in years! I am looking for a system which sounds so well in stereo as in 5.1 configuration...

After reading many magazines, reviews and internet forums -specially this forum...- I´ve reciently purchased a Harman/Kardon AVR8500 on sale for only 1800€! (The recommended price in Spain is 3000€)

Now, I am wondering what combination would work best with this receiver. I've thouhgt on this:

DVD - H/K DVD25-30 (There´s an important aesthethic reason here...And I have read that is a very good CD player too!)
Speakers - Polk Audio LSi Series (LSi9-Front+LSiC-Center+LSiFX-Surround. No sub so far)

Is it worth paying the difference for the DVD30? I´ve read in other threads on this forum something about that...

Someone in the forum has tested the LSi series? I only have seen the positive valuations for these speakers. I also would like to mount bookshelf speakers for the front channels and dipole for surround, because it isn't a very large room and the rear speakers have to be mounted with less separation between them than the front ones. Also the sofa is near the rear wall. ¿Is this (in this case) the best option? Is there any problem with the AVR8500 working with 4 Ohm speakers?

I´ve seen that other manufacturers as Mordaunt Short or Jamo have similar speaker configurations, with dipole surrounds. Are the Polks the best deal for my H/K?

Well, that's all, I think. Thank you very much for any help.

Ian J

I think that you may have a problem finding someone here that has heard the Polks as they are quite rare in the UK. There was a review of some Polk speakers here but not the same ones that you are interested in.

Your amp is THX Ultra certified so should be able to drive 4 ohm speakers without a problem.

I also have my sofa against the rear wall and therefore have my rear M&K tripole speakers mounted on the side wall which works quite well.


Thanks for your answer, Ian. Specially, for responding so fast.



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Welcome to the forum.:hiya:
Why not go to a local dealer who has your receiver on demo and listen to lots of different makes and models. You can read lots of reviews and opinions regarding choices of speakers but YOUR the only one who can decide which sounds "best" to your ear. One speaker is not better or worse than another (in most cases) just different and you need to find the character you prefer.
What you use to drive your speakers (the AVR8500 in your case) will also have an effect on the overall sound and you need to find the speakers that are most suited to it. If you were to buy blind you might have a pairing that sounds good on paper but in reality is too bright or have some other nuiance you do not like.
I'm not familiar with the makes and models in your part of the world but the usual suspects around hear worth auditioning (imo)are M&K, KEF, B&W, Linn, Mission, Proac, Dynaudion to name a few. They all have ranges that cater to different price points and again you need to find the one that floats your boat at the price your prepared to pay.

good luck and enjoy your search:)

Let us know how you get on:smashin:

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