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Hi! I’m a newcomer to home theater systems, and have recently just purchased a home with a system. Just tonight, all of the 5.1 speakers have started “popping.” The popping is dependent on volume, and changes according to volume level. Also, the popping only occurs when using the TV source (radio, DVD, etc. are fine). Again, before tonight, I haven’t experienced any problems. My system is set up as follows: I have a Denon AVR-3802 receiver and Aiwa speakers (not sure on the model). The TV source is connected to the receiver via digital toslink. I’m not familiar with toslink, so I don’t know if a bad cable or a loose connection could be causing this, or if receiver settings or a bad cable box could be the culprit. Obviously the speakers are otherwise fine with other sources, so it would have to be something involving the way the TV source is connected.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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Is it cable or digital/freeview connection for your TV source? If it's digital terrestial TV then you may have an issue with insufficient signal strength which results in popping and spluttering of the audio, however I would expect that there would be some picture breakup or smearing etc as well, has this been the case? Does this happen on all channels or are some worse than others? just a thought anyway. Good luck.


No, it's digital cable and it happens on all channels. The popping just happens with the TV source, which leads me to think that it's either a problem with the Toslink cable/connection, the reciever, or the cable box.

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