Speakers placement for DTS X/Atmos 7.2 or 5.2.2 (Definitive technology mythos)


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Its my first attempt of building a home theater and I am pretty much clueless.

The setup I have is 130inch projector screen in a 26ft by 22ft room. The ceiling is at 9.5 ft

Denon X4100W AVR
2 Definitive technology mythos STS Super Tower with active Subs
1 Definitive technology Mythos Three
2 Definitive technology Mythos Two
2 Definitive technology Mythos Gem

These are the equipment I have. I mostly plan to watch movies in Netflix and other streaming services with my setup. Currently I have an amazon Fire TV dongle to play YouTube and Netflix on the AVR but I can update if required. I am confused if I should go for a 7.2 set up or should i go for a 5.2.2 atmos setup with any of my speakers mounted on the celing. I do have 2 set of cable rerouted to the ceiling for overhead speaker mounts if required. I have not personally heard any atmos or 7.1 or even 5.1 in a home theater setup so I dont really have any refence point. Later I also plan to purchase 2 more speakers for the ceiling mount/atmos/dts x

I am also trying to think the difference between a 5.2 and 7.2 setup for my situation. How drastic is the difference for netflix?

I am attaching two drawings of the room with speaker placement that i was thinking about.

RED = Floor Speakers
Blue = Active Sub
Yellow = Ceiling mounted speaker


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7.2 vs 5.2.2

The rears give you a better sense of sound behind you.
The atmos give you a better sense of height.

Just pick which you appreciate more. I'd personally go for Atmos because its simply put being used a lot more from here onwards whilst 7.1 isn't always catered for so you rely on the AVR to upmix. For Netflix, Atmos is much more commonly supported and, in all honesty, the atmos mix is nearly always superior to the conventional 5.1/7.1 mix.
If you go 5.1.2, you can always position the side speakers slightly behind you, which will give you a sense of some presence behind.

Speaker positioning, just follow Dolby's set standards. There is no need to re-write the rules here. Mixes are coded for with the speakers being presumed to be in those set positions.

I'd suggest following Dolby guidelines because most content is Dolby.

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