Speakers overwhelming through certain frequencies?


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I wasn't quite sure where to put this topic, figured this section was as good as any. When I watch anything on the TV, fro native apps or external sources - the sound and dialogue coming from the TV speakers is great in terms of clarity, but when I switch to my AV receiver and 5.1 external speakers - it's instantly worse, with a muddied, muffled, overwhelming in certain frequencies sound that requires subtitles sometimes just to figure out the dialogue!

I've struggled with my 5.1 setup for a while, with the dialogue especially being difficult to pick out and discern, often having to resort to subtitles to each everything. Initially I put it down to the centre speaker as being the problem - either by it's very design or its location.

I tried to resolve this by relocating the centre, which was initially inside the TV cabinet, to on top and aim it more directly at the MLP, all the whilst recalibrating my receiver each time - this didn't seem to help.

Next, I had the opportunity to upgrade my receiver and thought this might help (Denon AVR X3400H to a Yamaha RX-A3080), but again no help (in hindsight I have no idea why I thought it would - clinging onto the slightest thing at this point!). At this point I tried to increase the centre channel level, along with 'dialogue enhancement' to no avail and if anything making the issue worse.

Today it occurred to me that it's not just the centre channel - but the speakers as a collective that are the issue and it seems to be not just bass but midrange too - not only can I 'hear' this fuzzy, overwhelming, mess of a soundfield, but I can also 'feel' it in the MLP too (and this is without the subwoofer on for significant LFE - is it possible for this resonance to be travelling through the cement floor the speakers sit on, or is this difficult / impossible due to the cements isolating properties? Should I try some isolating pads under the speakers - I only tend to read of people isolating subs so i'm probably wrong.

Some details -

  • Room dimensions are modest - 3.4m x 4.4m x 2.9m tall.
  • Speakers are QA 3050i floor standing L+R, QA 3090ci centre, QA 3020i surrounds, Monolith MP 12" Sub.
  • Receiver Yamaha RX-A3080 (used YPAO to calibrate speakers)
  • Front speakers rear ports are sealed, speakers sitting 28cm off the wall
  • Concrete floor with hardboard covering on top. Large rug between speakers and MLP.
  • No acoustic correction in the room like bass traps etc

Any help to guide me in the right direction at this point would be appreciated.



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Is there much in the way of soft furnishings? I see you've got hard floors (plus the rug), blinds and chair look like all hard surfaces.

Have you tried just stereo to narrow the issue down? Or 3.1 and turn off surrounds.


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This probably isn't very helpful, but: I have recently installed the same speakers, and I am very pleased with the sound. AVR is Denon 6700H, the room is large, oddly shaped, with lots of exposed beams, etc. I just used the built in setup of the AVR, with good results. I leave the AVR in auto mode, so if the incoming is in stereo, it only uses the front 2, if in surround sound all of them. To my ears it all sounds good.


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Do you sit against rear wall? As you know bass builds up close to boundaries and can easily muddy the sound. Also if the rear wall isn´t treated there is some negatives related to high frequency sound wawes bouncing from wall close to listener. There is modern looking panels if it would come to that..

Intrested to hear does it sound better if you would turn center channel off from menu (assuming you sit fairly center to mains), so 4.1 system or what Harkon said.


Try turning off the sub as well, see if that's what's causing the issues.
But I agree with Harkon, try just stereo, then add in each speaker one by one. I'd also go right up to a speaker and have a listen, is it clear then?

If you still can't hear things with stereo but sitting right in front of a single speaker is clear then try moving around the room and seeing if it becomes clearer.


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Take a few photos of the menu settings including the speaker size, levels, crossover and speaker distances.

You may find that for some odd reason the YPAO has sent more information to the woofer or speaker or even both than it ought to creating a muffled experience

Also do a double check of your speaker cables to ensure you haven't anything out of phase (I would have expected the YPAO to have picked that up though)

As others have mentioned, do power the woofer off and see what happens to the sound. maybe also click the "pure direct" mode as see what happens to the sound to!

Could I also ask what system you cam from?

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