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So since moving into my own home and getting AV gear i have always had wood or vinyl flooring and used rubber on the bottom of my speakers. Ill soon be replacing with carpets.

I dont think this will be an option for the carpet i know about spikes but not sure where to start are some better than others? I also don't really want to start putting holes in the new carpet so do the sit on discs?

I have Dali Oberon 5 if it makes any difference.


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You don't want discs between carpet and spikes, as it defeats the point (literally) of the spikes. The idea is the spike passes through the pile of the carpet and couples with the hard floor underneath.

On the choice of spikes, some will tell you to buy expensive ones, your Dali probably came with some which are more than adequate (unless they are too short for the pile height).

With regards to holes in carpets, you will not see them, as they will only be small and the pile will hide them. Just don't drag your speaker whilst its on spikes.

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