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Speakers needed


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Can anyone recommend me some good quality monitor speakers that would be good for a small home studio, im not sure at what sort of prices I should be looking at but from what Ive found I hope its able to be around £150


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What kind of mixing will you be doing? Will it be mixing of existing commercial music into play lists, or will it be mixing of live tracks you've recorded, say a recording of the local garage band?

In re-mixing existing tracks, the precision of the Studio Monitors is less critical because you are simply re-organizing them. However, with live music, you would want to change the level individual mix tracks and perhaps tweak the tone on individual tracks. That type of mixing requires a much higher standard. Re-mixing play lists, is a much lower standard for Studio Monitors.

Think about that, and get back to us.



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thanks for the reply, i would leave you a thanks thingy on your post but i dont have the privilege yet, just need one more like :3

I will be using them for mixing and mastering my own recorded and sequenced tracks to help me finalize them. i will hopefully be doing remixing at some point but the odds are that ill be mainly using them for my own personally made songs.


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Sorry to say, but in that case, you need to spend more on Studio Monitors. With original content, you need to make sure that what you hear in the speakers, is exactly what is in the recorded mix. For example, if your speakers are bass heavy that might cause you to under-mix the bass, leaving the final recording bass light.

Very popular studio monitors are the KRK Rokit (5 or 6). These are used in many home studios. They are a trace bass heavy, not so much as to greatly effect the final mix, but that also makes them great listening speakers.

The ones I think would make the best balanced mixing monitors are the Mackie MR5, though I think they recently introduced the Mackie MR6 and the larger MR8.

KRK rokit 5 - Google Search

The price above is most likely each.

Mackie MR5 - Google Search

Same as above, most often the price on studio monitors is EACH.

Studio Spares has a house brand (Seiwin) that are pretty good and reasonably cheap.

Studio Monitors at Studiospares

Make sure you understand whether you are getting Active speaker (with amps) or passive speakers (without amps). I suspect, in your case, you want Active Monitors.

Another good sources is Dolphin Music -

Category | Studio Monitors | Studio Monitor Speaker | Page 2

Be sure to look at the frequency response. Some of these lower cost monitors are hardly more than really good computer speakers.

Unless the speaker are shown in pairs, most likely the price is for EACH speaker.

There are speaker pairs in your price range, and while generally good, they are going to fall a bit short of quality studio monitors -

Example -

M-Audio BX5 D2 Active Studio Monitors

And as mentioned before, the Studio Spares Seiwin are pretty good at a very low price, well worth considering.

Studiospares Seiwin Powered Monitors (Pair) at Studiospares

Studiospares Aktiv5 Pair of 5" Active Monitors at Studiospares

That said, I'm betting a vast majority of home studios use KRK Rokit 5, good for mixing and good for general listening, but not cheap -

KRK Rokit RP5 G3 x1 Monitor at Studiospares

KRK Rokit RP5 = £125 EACH

For what it is worth.


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