Speakers For Yamaha RXV1067 Amp

Hi all,

I have just purchased the Yamaha RXV1067 amp from Richer Sounds for the bargain price of £550.

Know i was wondering what speakers would match this amp?
Im looking for floorstanders first, then centre, rears and a sub.

My room is 6mx6m and has a high ceilng, so quite a nice size.

Have narrowed it down to:

Dali Zensor 5 5.1

B&W 684 or 683 Home Theatre

Monitor Audio BX5 or RX6 5.1

Obviously i will demo all of these before buying. Luckily there is a Sevenoaks Sound & Vision store 10 minutes away.

So just some advice from anyone who has knowledge or owns these speakers would be great.

Also any other speaker packages that would be good for my amp.

Thanks in advance

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