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I have a Sony STR-DE497 receiver. 80W 5.1 8ohm.
I am quite illiterate when it comes to sound equipment, but I do know, after talking to others, that I want a pair of speakers and a subwoofer for my receiver.

Can anyone recommend some suitable speakers for this receiver? I listen to music with it mostly.
Could you be more precise about your listening requirements as you have bought an AV amp and not a stereo one and your use is primarily for music.

If you don't intend to go for the whole 5.1 surround sound experience I'm not sure that you do actually want a pair of speakers and a sub as it may be preferable in your case instead of spending money on a sub to put it toward the speaker budget and buy a better pair of speakers instead.
Please excuse my ignorance, it's actually a Sony STR-DE485 (I'm moving house and have packed it away, so I had to guess, but realised I got it wrong after I checked properly). I wish I could elaborate on my requirements, since I really dont know what I'm talking about with this stuff. I probably won't even plug the TV into the amplifier, and only have music played through it. I can spend about AU$600. I listen mostly to rock music.

The main reason I ask is that I have been told to avoid speakers such as Dream HIFI (http://dreamhifi.com.au/) because they are about 250-300W speakers, and my amplifier is only 80W - I have no idea what this means (OK, I listened in Physics class, but that's about it), but I believe it simply because that is something, and I know nothing. Everywhere I look, I see speakers that are at least 200W, so I'm just wondering just what speakers suit my amplifier. I've also been told that I must get 8 ohm speakers (and not 4 or 6). If anyone thinks it's worth directing the money towards better speakers instead of a subwoofer, or anythin else that would help me get a clue, please don't hesitate.

Thanks for any advice.

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