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Captain Ted

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After endless searching I am now at a loss and am looking for your expert advice.

I have a dedicated room 3.5m by 4m with a low ceiling that I use solely for films.

I have quite an old 5.1 all in one system which now needs upgrading starting with the speakers. (the sub will come later).

Where do I look with a budget of around £500 and what power should I be looking for?

Thanks for any replies.

trevor g

hi ted ,try these all in your price range including sub, canton movie cd1
kef kht1005/mordaunt-short genie /plus tannoy fx 5.1 at richer sounds
these are all small speaker sets including subwoofer regards trevor


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I recently bought a pair of B&W dm 601 s3 speakers for only 210 pounds here in cyprus and they are exceptional for the price. Real good looks, build quality and sound.

If I were you for your budget i would get a pair of the above. A second hand Rotel, yamaha with whats left along with subwoofer and use your current speakers as rears if they are any good.

My room is around the same, i bought the above speakers, have an 8 year old yamaha amp which has dolby digital, use my old speaker for a centre speaker and the sound is increadible. Especially star wars 3!!

good luck.


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I have quite an old 5.1 all in one system which now needs upgrading starting with the speakers. (the sub will come later).

I suggest you don't try to replace the speakers in an all-in-one setup, with some better bookshelf/satellite speakers. All-in-ones tend to be low-powered machines which will struggle to drive "bigger/better" speakers than the ones you have now. You'll only under-drive and damage your new speakers. :(

Rather save up some more cash for a proper new seperates setup or try this Forum's Trading section for a lot of second-hand kit for £500. Get an AV amp and some good 5.0 speakers for now. :smashin:

Captain Ted

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So I should idealy buy an amp to go with the new speakers at the same time then?

What power should I be looking for?

I wanted more than satellite speakers again (I am assuming floor standing are better sounding).



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I was given an 8 year old yamaha av amp for free and like it alot, really heavy but quality all over and looks like it would go another 8 years easy.

May someone who knows av amps can lead you there. Generally you would think the less distortion the more it would cost.

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