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Hi guys, looking for some guidance on speakers for my Roksan Kandy MK3 which I have bought 2nd hand from the classifieds.

I am pretty much decided on the fact that I want floorstanders. I have done quite a bit of digging around using the search function here and it's been quite confusing as some seem to say that a certain speaker will work well and others say the opposite so i'm quite confused to be honest!

My buget is a maximum of £500 but would prefer 2nd hand again to boost value for money.

The speakers that I would seem to be able to afford are:-

1. Dali Suite 2.8
2. Mordaunt-Short Mezzo 6
3. B&W 683
4. Monitor Audio RS6

Out of these during my search the MA's came out as being favourable on most of what I could find but I found some saying otherwise :confused:.

I understand that the Roksan is quite a bright amp so which of these speakers do you think would be best suited for my system?

My room is roughly 4m by 4m with a carpeted floor with not a lot of furniture.

Any suggestions are welcome other than the speakers that I have mentioned, I just want to spend my money to give me the best possible sound.

I understand that the best way of going about things would be to audition but living where I do it's very difficult especially with the amp in question as it's not a current model.

Thanks for reading.



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Though I don't have a lot of direct experience with the Roksan amp, I know it is highly regarded, and to the best of my knowledge it is not noted for having a characteristic sound. That is, it seems reasonably neutral.

Consequently, I think you can use any speakers you like with it.

Just one word of caution, amps of this caliber typically don't have tone controls, so you want to match the speaker and amp carefully to make sure you like what you hear. Not necessarily to match the warm/neutral/bright characteristics of the amp and speakers, but to make sure the speaker themselves have the characteristic you want.

While Monitor Audio can have significant bass, they still tend to be somewhat bright. The same with the Dali, especially if the have the tweeter/supertweeter combination. B&W are generally regarded as a warmer speaker, but they are not really lacking in highs.

But, rather than trust the very subjective opinions about various speaker characteristics, you need to listen and decide what sound best to you personally. If you can't audition on a Roksan amp, then you need to audition on an amp of similar power and quality.

Actually, you've compiled a list of all very good speakers. You've done your home work, now it is a matter of listening, because that is the only way you can be sure if a speaker suits you.

Just a few thoughts.



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Thanks for your input Steve. It's surprising how little I could find on the amp even looking back a few years! But of what I could find it seems a bit of a second hand bargain.

I have an Audio T about 50miles away so i'll get hold of them and see what they can do for me in terms of audition.

Anybody else have any suggestions or experience with this amp???


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The same with the Dali, especially if the have the tweeter/supertweeter combination.

The Dali's in question don't have a ribbon tweeter having gone from Mordaunt Short (all be it the 900's) to the afore mentioned Dalis i would say they're conciderably less bright than the Mordaunts.


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Here is a pretty reliable review of the Roksan Kandy K2 dated May 2010 -

Stereophile: Roksan Kandy K2 integrated amplifier

"With every loudspeaker I had on hand, the Kandy K2 distinguished itself as a clear, big-sounding, rhythmically accomplished amp with a slightly—a darn near imperceptibly—rounded-off top end. That bit of softness, coupled with its nearly complete lack of timing distortion, distinguished the K2 as one of the most listenable entry-level components I've had in my home. "

This essentially confirms what I said, this amp will work fine with any speaker. So, more so, than matching the speakers to the amp, you must match the speakers to your ears. If you like it, then that is the right speaker for you.

Though £500 hardly constitutes a pair of speaker worthy of this amp.

Just a tad over your budget, consider the Dali Concept 8 (£635/pr)-

Dali Concept 8 - Google Product Search

Big powerful speakers.

If that is a bit of overkill, then consider the Concept 6 (£390)-

Dali Concept 6 - Google Product Search

Or the Dali Lektor 6 (£599/pr)

Dali lektor 6 - Google Product Search

Still, nothing wrong with any of the speakers in your existing short list.


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