Speakers for Roksan Caspian 5ch system


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I would be interested in the views of the members of this forum as to what speakers I should be auditioning to go with a Roksan Caspian 5-channel system. Primary use is for music so two decent fronts is a must but since it will be used for home cinema as well there must at least be suitable centre and satellite speakers available. I have spoken to various dealers and I get widely differing views not only on what to look at but on what is an appropriate price range.

Ideal budget is about £1000 for the whole set but could probably stretch to £1000 for the fronts if the associated centre/satellites are not too expensive and I can get them at a later date. Is this reasonable for this system? One shop did have a pair of ex-demo Wilson Benesch Orators going for a bit more than that which might be nice to get but I would be concerned about the cost of adding the centre.

This is an upgrade for my 15 year old Rotel RA810A based system so I am a little out of touch. Any views would be appreciated.



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Perhaps I should add that the room is 24' x 14' with the speakers at one of the short ends and the listening position a little over halfway down. The floor is solid wood (or will be when I have finished), no carpet.


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Originally posted by admay
The floor is solid wood (or will be when I have finished), no carpet.

Hmmm....is the room "live"? Try the clap test - clap your hands together loudly: do you get an echo? Or does the sound stop dead? An echo means your room needs more soft furnishings, curtains, a rug, even acoustic treatments to break up the standing waves. Wooden floors don't help unfortunately either. :( Your room's shape is ok, so this may help you.

As for speakers, I'd recommend some good bookshelf models on sturdy stands for the fronts, perhaps something from Dynaudio Audience range, B&W 700 series, Quad 11 or 12 series, etc. All have matching centre/rears available. Floorstanders are more bassy and could boom in a "live" room.

Best bet is to get down to a dealer and demo, preferably one with Caspian kit. Get a short list of a couple of speakers you like best, then take them home for a demo in your own room - only way to really tell if they will suit. Good luck. :cool:


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There's carpet down at the moment so difficult to test whether it is live or not. When the room is finished the carpet will come up and a new floor will be laid. However there will be a large rug between the speakers and listening area that might help. If it does turn out to be too 'live' then I will have to add more furnishings to compensate.

I had assumed that I would go for a floorstander because of the room size and to get the extra bass. I hadn't conidered that with the room arrangement stand mounts might be a better option. Good point.

Ian J

I was with Nobber at the Bristol show this year and we had a brief listen to a rather nice pair of new Totem standmounts that will be hitting the shops about now priced at £900 per pair and would be well worth a listen.

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