Speakers for Pioneer VSX-916 Receiver?


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Jul 31, 2004
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Bought this amplifier I would like to have experts considerations considering I did

paid it 349€, and I would like to know which speakers I can add considering I

want at least a 5.1 and spending max 300€ I have seen some models on the

internet but

I dont have a clue:

Canton Movie CD-101
Canton Movie 100 MX
Harman HKTS-8
Pure Acoustics LS-SET MARS DT9

Please advice me some speakers on my budget since I have this amplifier bought last

thursday and still havent opened it,in search for some good speakers,even

used ones that may worth more then the 300€ I can afford to spend.

Thanks to all the experts out there.


Will I be able to hear new HD Audio formats from Ps3/Bluray or X360/HD-DVD sending decoded pcm ? Since m gonna buy both too.(hd -dts etc etc)
Will 2 maracas and a dance help to have some answers ?:arty: :rotfl: :clap: :D :hiya:
nice dance ;)

I'm going to move this thread to the speaker forum as you are asking for speakers ;)

good luck anyhow :)

edit: btw, not sure the HD-DVD add on for the Xbox 360 does PCM via optical.......once a HDMI cable comes out then i assume it will do a straight lift to a receiver than can decode TruHD/DTS Master....but dont quote me...lol.....as for PS3 i couldnt say, sorry...

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