Speakers for Pio AX5i to replace Ruarks


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I have a 6 year old set of Ruark's (Dialogs/Epilogs/prologs) and I'm thinking of replacing the front two mains (or also centre to get tonal balance)..

Whilst I like goo dynamic movie soundtracks I still want to maintain musical quality in steroe etc (dvd audio/ cd / SACD)

Can anyone recommend a pair (or trio) of fronts that I can audition ?

I used to like the sound of the big B&W's by the way..


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Personally I would keep what you already have- they're great speakers. Decide to use them for HT or Stereo, and get another pair of speakers.

ie use the Ruarks for HT, get a pair of Hi-Fi speakers
or use the Ruarks for stereo, and get a new 5.1 system.
Then buy a good stereo integrated amp (a AV amp really isn't great for 2ch IMO)
Or build up a another system, use the Ruarks or your Hi-Fi speakers in that one.

Do you have a subwoofer? The Epilogue's really need one.


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It also depends on whether you like the Ruark sound. Ruark have an up front brighter sound than many other manufacturers (I used to have Etude, Dialogue and Epilogues with the same amp as you) so if you want to continue along this line then you are restricting your choices. PMC, M&K and Tannoy are all of a similar vein, though Tannoy haven't released a good mid-high end range of speakers for a while.

B&W 700 range is good, but may be a bit too relaxed, same goes for Castle and Mission Elegante. If you have a sub, then opt for stand mounted models and save some money.

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