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Speakers for Onkyo


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Im think about upgrading from my Yamaha RX-V350 to an Onkyo TX-SR606. I currently have a Yamaha NS-P110 that came with the amp. When i change to the Onyko id be looking for a good quality set of 7.1 speakers for around £200-£250. Would it be easier to get a set of flooe standing speakers and use the other 2 speakers for the other rear channels
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From the specs I tracked down, going from the Yamaha to the Onkyo is a step sideways. They both have roughly the same power, and if you current amp has the necessary interconnect, then I don't see any advantage other than two extra amp channels that ultimately, you don't really need.

Now, the Onkyo amp is more up-to-date in terms of video/audio surround encoding, and is a very popular amp. So, if that's what you want, then no problem.

But the description of what speakers you want is a mess.

Right now you have a cheap Yamaha NSP1100 5.1 system, which sells for about £60. And you have £250 to upgrade it. While that is a step up, it is way on the low end of 5.1/7/1 systems. Still, we are all operating within a budget.

If you want to scavenge part of your existing system, then you might get by with just a pair of floor standing speakers.

Q Acoustic 1030 - 6.5" (165mm) 2-way @ £129/pr
Wharfedale Vardus VR-300 - 2x 6" 3-way @ £179
Q Acoustic 1050 - 2x 6.5" 2-way @ £199
Diamond 9.4 - 6.5" 2-way @ £199
Mordaunt-Short 914i - 6.5: 2-way @ £229

However, for a complete 7.1 speakers system, the quality and size of the speakers drops.

Quad Lite 5.0 (no sub) £299

All prices from SuperFi.co.uk

Another very popular low budget 5.1 system is the Jamo A102 systems, less than £200 but, as I said, very well liked by those who have them, though also a very compact system.

You'll have to search the group for threads on Jamo to find the best places to buy.

The Quad lite's above are part of a system that retails for £1000, and is now on close out for £545 with sub, is highly rated and well liked. It is over your budget, but it might be the start of what ultimately would be a very fine speaker system.

In your budget range that is about it. Although, for nice bookshelf fronts, you can do pretty well in the £80 to £150 range. You might even be able to add fronts and center, and continue using your Yamaha's as surround and rears until you can upgrade.

Fronts to consider, Wharfedale Diamond 9.0/9.1/9.2, Tannoy F1 or Sensys 1, possibly Q Acoustic 1010/1010i or 1020/1020i, Mordaunt-Short 902, etc....

Also, though I'm not sure of the quality or nature of the speaker, in your price range is the YAMAHA NXE300 SPEAKERS (PAIR) @ £89.

It is really a matter of shopping around until you find some thing that appeals to you -




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