Speakers for Onky HTX-22HD


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Currently have the Onkyo HTX-22HD system but only setup for 2.1 and was wanting to upgrade it to 5.1. I know there is the Onkyo SKS-22B speakers you can buy separate for this system but was wondering if they were any uses them and if they are any good or if you could pick up some other ones that are better for the same price?



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The benefit of the Onkyo speakers would be a matching complete set which should give the best overall sound. The extra speakers are also fairly cheap from what I remember (under £100) which will mean it is going to be next to impossible to find anything better for that money. You could buy better speakers for the front 3 and then use the 2 you have as rears but you will have to pay more than the Onkyo speakers. One way to get better speakers for the same money would be to look at the Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 which can be bought for £40. 2 pairs of these would give you the front L/R and then use one of the other pair as a centre. A little unconventional but gets you better speakers for the same outlay.


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Ok thanks. Think I may get the Onkyo ones as you I can get them for about £80 now.

Does anyone know if these will come with speaker wires? As every where I have looked there is no mention of them coming with the speakers.
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