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I have a Hitachi 24 inch widescreen with not the best stereo field in the world.I now have a basic but good quality Sony DVD player so I would like to get a better sound system.

I would just like to know what type of speaker system would be good to run from the L/R channels of my TV that would give a better sound than the TV.The trouble with the TV is the Bass distorts and resenates which is bad build quality so I would like to have spakers with a good Bass response.

Now the sales are on it would be a good time to buy so any advise would be great.I dont have much space so the smaller the better.



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Does this TV have outputs for extenal speakers?

If not, you are going to need an amplifier as well as speakers.


Hi Nigel,

No,but the DVD player and VCR both have left and right phono outputs.


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You still need an ampifier to "amplify" the signals from the DVD and VCR. Check out something like Yamaha HTiB 40 as a starting point depending on budget. Or get an amp from one firm and 5 speakers from another eg. Denon 1602 and Mission M70 Cinema.

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