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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Plums, Dec 29, 2006.

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    Sorry, I probably should've put this here, rather than in the Hi-Fi Separates thread:

    I see that the Quad 21Ls, that I remember reading very rave reviews of some years ago, are currently being heavily discounted - assuming you lot haven't already snapped them up! - by Superfi. At half price down to £350 = v tempting! When I bought my lovely new turntable (a Michell Gyrodeck SE) just over a year ago I got to hear it on (as well as my own modest, aged speakers (JPW Sonata, if it's of interest - my, they've been fantastic value)) a pair of Monitor Audio Silver RS5s, & was well impressed. At £410-450, they're still outta my price range; well, I've been buying a fair few records, & after skinting myself on the player (what are budgets for but going beyond...).

    Does anyone have any opinions as to the potential quality of these speakers & how they might fit in with what I've got? New & second-hand LPs are my main thing (all sorts; EG post-Xmas purchases include Jarvis & Gil Scott Heron - so a real mixed bag), with some CD of course, where the vinyl isn't available. My key 'stuff' is: the Michell, a Cambridge Audio CD4 & a Rotel RA01 amp. The latter replaced the roughly equivalent model from when I first bought my kit 16 years ago & will probably itself be 'upgraded' in the future, but as a last priority. I want to go for a floorstander, as I think my living room size (now) justfies this; daft, I know, but the finish must be proper wood.

    I will, natch, go & listen to stuff, but wondered if this was such a good offer that I should get my skates on, or whether perhaps there's a view that the Quads just wouldn't match.

    Looking forward, again, to the debates that might ensue! (I re-registered tonight, having kept away for a while...)

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