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Dear friends,

I have Marantz NR 1508 AV receiver. My living room dimensions are 15'x15' with one side open wall. It opens to my dining which is 25'x12'. Both are of 10' height.

My liking towards music is:

1. Clear instrument separation in complex recordings
2. Big sound stage (bigger the better)
3. Not fatiguing (slightly warmer tones preferred)

I have the following speakers shortlisted. Could you please recommend if my 1508 can drive them and your experience with them and recommendations please?

Wharfedale Diamond 225 bookshelf
Wharfedale Diamond 230 floor stander (can 1508 drive this comfortably?)
Wharfedale Diamond 240 floor stander (can 1508 drive this comfortably?)


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From what I can see, the power ratings of the NR1508's power amplifier matches the requirements of the Wharfedale Diamond 225 bookshelf. The recommended amplifier power of the 225s is 25-120W, and the NR1508 is rated at 85 watts per channel.

As for the Floor Stander Speakers, the recommended amplifier power output is 25w, so the receiver has adequate power to drive those too.

If you're looking for warmer, low end sound then the 240s are advertised as 'deeper, more extended low-end as well as high-fidelity', so perhaps these would be preferable over the 250s.

You could also perhaps consider room sound treatment to dampen the sound of the room and therefore achieve a cleaner signal which can help clear instrument separation, and monitor stands for the bookshelf speakers to prevent any low end loss through the vibrations of the surface it sits on.

The Mission QX series could also be a potential alternative for you to consider or compare with Wharfedale.

I presume you are going to be using these speakers for monitoring purposes?



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Demo the Focal 706. Very clear speaker with a good wide soundstage. Pair well with Marantz too.


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Hi. I have Marantz NR1506, it have very similar parameters.
I paired it with Q Acustics 2050i. They sound beautiful!
I can highly recommend this floor speakers.

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