Speakers for DV78 & SR300/50


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I am closing in on this pairing :clap: and am thinking of coupling them with B&W 600 series speakers for Home cinema and audio. Before going down this route I thought it only polite :D to see what you Arcam experts :lesson: thought of the combination... Thanks


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I've got an AVR300/DV29 combination (with an addtional P90/3) with a set of B&W600's (603 fronts, LCR600 centre front, 602 rears, CC6 centre rear) and the sound superb. I have got a few DVD-A's and they really show up the AVR300 & B&W combo really well, with very good clarity and sound steering around.

As per the blinding obvious comment you'll here, get a demo before trying, but I'm sure you won't be disappointed ;)

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