speakers for denon a11sr

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I am looking to buy some speakers for this amp. I was going to buy a 5.1 setup but i understand that would not be good for music. I would like them to be at least as good at music than movies.

Can anyone suggest some floor standing speakers for the fronts and a center to go along with them. I can spend about £1500 on them.
And also speakers for the rear, i really dont know how much to spend on the backs. i dont think i will be able to use a subwoofer because of the neighbours.

I can only buy from the net so some links to some online speakers shops would be nice.

i had a look and the best i could come up with with this package, would it be anygood?


Thanks for any help.


Hi pack man

I have a Denon 11SR, my front speakers are Monitor Audio Gold Reference
www.monitoraudio.com , they sound very good with music, my surrounds are much cheaper.

I have no experience of the Eltax Carmargues but I did consider them before I bought my MAs.

I would go to a local HiFi dealer as most are willing to lend speakers to try at home, which is always a good thing to do.

Have a look here for prices http://www.sevenoakssoundandvision.co.uk/products/mainhi-filoudspeakers.html

Pack Dude

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thanks for the help eddiea.

Unfortunately there are no dealers anywhere near me thats one of the reasons i want to buy mail order.

I guess the Monitor Audio Gold Ref 20 would be over kill for this amp? Its also hard to find anyone selling them online.


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I'm running a B&W 600-3 series with my A1SR (603, 600 rears and LCR60), and I like them!

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