speakers for cyrus cd8x and cd8vs set up



any suggestions for the above set up ?

my living room is 5m by 4.5 m,


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Anything from Dynaudio or Proac is always worth an audition in my book... the new Focus range from Dyn looks mighty impressive.


I run the new B&W 805S's with Cyrus and it sounds superb definitly worth looking at... :thumbsup:

Edit : Forgot to say i also agree with what Scott mac has said the Dynaudio & ProAc work very well with Cyrus too.


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I've got the same setup and i'm swapping my speakers this weekend. I got some b&W 705's with this setup and they are too bright.

Therefore the speakers i have narrowed it down to are

- Spendor s5e's (favourite so far)
- PMC GB1's (good alternative to the s5e's)

Then you have your bookshelf equivilants

- ProAc tablette 8's (a nice match with cyrus; great speaker! but needs solid stand)
- Dynaudio 52SE's (many highly recommend but i feel it lacks excitement; technically a great speaker though!)
- Dynaudio Focus 140 (1st listen this weekend so i'll let you know)
- Spendor s3e (Great speaker just like the s5e but wont go v.loud)

They are my choices and they are all the best with cyrus as far as i'm concerned; however they are all within a price range similar to the cd / amp themselves.

Current favourite for me is the Spendor s5e's, but i do need to listen to the PMC GB1's. This weekend i should make my choice but i am looking forward to listening to the new Dynaudio focus speaker.


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