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Does anyone have any suggestions as to speakers which I should audition to go with my Cyrus 6 amp/ CD6 combo?

Budget is £500 (maybe £600 max) and space constraints indicate that the speakers really need to be wall-mountable.


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The only wall-mountable speakers I know, in the same class as your Cyrus kit, are the AVI Pro-Nine Plus.

http://www.avihifi.co.uk/Pro-Nine Plus/Pro-nine.html

I think they may be around £700, but are supposed to be very good and are designed specifically to go onto a wall.

You really want to find a sealed or front-ported design, to minimize boom when placed near a wall.

EDIT: Dynaudio Audience 42W are the rear speakers from the Dynaudio range which are supposed to be good enough for fronts too?


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If you are looking for small bookshelf speakers then you should consider PMC DB1's. They are smallish and could be mounted on the wall. I think they retail at £550.

I was almost ready to buy a pair to go with my Cyrus CD7, Cyrus 7/PSX and SmartPower/PSX but only changed my mind when a pair of very, very cheap Nautilus 805's came up.

The DB1's were very impresssive for the size and price.

Check out here if you need more advice



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Dynaudio's would be my suggestion as well as MA GR10's or some ProAc Tablette's.



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Originally posted by Boozyuzi
GR 10's and Tablettes are wall mountable ?



Hmmm. I've been revisiting this problem. I could use floor mounted speakers if I rearranged things but they would need to be quite close to the walls. Any suggestions in the same price range?


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