Question Speakers for a Creek Evo2/Audiolab 8200CD/Rega P5?


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So I'm a big fan of techno & dance music, but I also listen to jazz, blues, even bubbly lady pop and new classical depending on mood.

My actual lady friend tells me I listen to music too loud, so something that will sound decent at relatively low volume appreciated - and will sound clear and lithe when she's out and the volume creeps up also important ;p

At some point I'll add a decent headphone amp and phono stage too, but really right now I think the speakers are the thing holding the set back - they're a pair of Blueroom mini pods. eek!

Please help :p

Total System:
Creek Evolution 2 Stereo amp, Driving fronts
Audiolab 8200CD DAC/CD player (used as a DAC too...)
Rega P5 + Ortofon 2m Bronze + Isokinetic subplatter + Michell counterweight + other upgrades
Sennheiser HD650 headphones
Cambridge Audio 640p phono stage

Onkyo SR-875 AV amp, Driving Tannoy Arena Highline 500 centre/rears & TS-500 sub
PS3 blueray
Sonos Connect -> Audiolab
Apple TV -> Audiolab

Speakers will be new fronts - e.g primary duty is 2 channel audio, secondary duty is to be a not-spalling match for the AV setup.

Happy with floor standers or bookshelves - room has a lot of hard surfaces (floor to ceiling windows) at the south end of the reception room., and is relatively small at the focal point - right by the opening door there.

The kitchen is open plan, (those aren't walls), and the speakers will be, unfortunately, at either side of the wall labelled 'First floor' in the picture - one by the corner on the left, and one by the cupboard opening into the kitchen/reception.

Happy to go second hand, 900 to 1200 quid (maybe more, but preferably not). Was thinking maybe Spendor A6 or B&W CM8? Maybe too big for the space? Thoughts? I'll try to go demo, or buy second hand and move on if they don't work for the room, so a small handful of best recommendations appreciated.

and is an odd shape -
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I used to have a Creek Evo 2 amp, I now have the Evolution 5350 amp instead. Great choice BTW.

Initially I had a pair of Focal Chorus 806v standmounts, excellent match up Creek/Focal.

When I bought my Evolution 5350 amp I moved up to a lovely pair of Epos Elan 30 floorstanders, and I have this combination for over 3 years now. Creek and Epos are the same company, so a natural pairing, and the new Epos K range may well be what you need to look at first. I listen at relatively low volumes and I find the Epos Elan 30's are excellent in this regard. When I bought them I also demoed various Totem, ProAc, Monitor Audio, and KEF speakers and thought the Epos were the best for me.

As always, demo as many as you can before making any "blind" buys.



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I would suggest a demo of PMC speakers for listening to techno and dance at low volumes, because their transmission line means that you retain great quality base when the volume is turned down. The transmission line exits at the front of the speaker, which would be a great help with your awkward positioning.

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Kef R500's can be sought second hand within your budget and would be hard to beat at that price point.

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