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Speakers for a 4.8m X 3.6m home theater shed in garden ?

paul sheff

Active Member
HI guys . I recently decided and managed to convince the wife we need a home theater / home cinema in the garden .
After doing a little homework it seems that this space would be considered small ?
I am planning to have a 100" screen (on the 3.6m wide wall) and projector . And fitting in 2 rows of 3 seats
I have been doing lots of reading over the past 2 weeks and I am really liking the look of the Dali zensor range of speakers . There is a richer sounds in sheffield about 10miles from home where I will more than lightly be buying all my gear . This is 1 option I have seen

Dali zensor 1 1.5.1 . Which consists of the Denon AVRX2300 ,zensor 1 speakers X 4 front left and right and rear left and right . Zensor vocal centre speaker and the e9 sub


I was thinking do I go with the same AV reciever but splash out on the Dali vocal centre zensor 5 floor standers for the front zensor 1s for the rear and beefing up the sub to the e12

Would the first or second option be the best idea ? Looking for a bit of advise as a complete noob in this game

Cheers in advance



Well-known Member
Having a good front 3 speaker line up is important and Dali are a good brand and well matched with the denon. So thats a great combo

Regards the 5 verses the 1. If your planning mostly movies I think your better sticking with the 1 or 3 for fronts. Floor standers give more bass , but you don't need bass as the sub will doing that job. The 3's will go loader and would be worth considering for the fronts

Sub wise I would go with the direct seller bkelec as a direct seller they offer fantastic value for money and for slight less, you get a much better sub, say the xxls400

Good luck

paul sheff

Active Member
Thanks for the reply guys . I'm looking at the sub now . I haven't even Hurd the dali speakers get . Just going on some the reviews I have seen and the appearance lol
I am also undecided weather to make a false screen wall and have the speakers hidden in the wall or go for the easier option of mounting em to the wall and having em on show ?
What Are the pros and cons ? Is it just looks ? Or is there a benefit having the speakers behind the screen in the wall ?


Distinguished Member
If you want speakers in the wall then buy in wall speakers. Do not put normal speakers into holes in a false wall. It will adversely affect the sound.
If putting speakers behind the screen you need to buy a more expensive Accoustically transparent screen. The benefit is having the speakers in the right location and tying sound to the screen.

paul sheff

Active Member
Ah ok . Guess I am showing my lack of knowlDge here lol
Are there any other speakers that are best suited to home theater . It's deco going to be used for movies and gaming rather than music so towers are getting crossed off


Distinguished Member
Movies are mastered with a sub and satellite speakers in mind. So no need to buy standmounts or floorstanders. A good set of satellite speakers will do a great job. Something like the b&w M1s would be a good place to start with a bk electronics or svs sub.


Distinguished Member
They are smaller limited range speakers. Typically do not do lower than 60-70hz although some are much higher than that.


Distinguished Member
Some of the smaller standmounts could be classed as satellite speakers but generally they are the smaller lifestyle speakers.

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