Speakers for 3802




I'm looking for suggestions for speaker packages in the £1500 - £2000 range to go with my Denon 3802.



The Ruark, Prologue based, home cinema package would be well worth a listen at that price range.

Sessen Ryu

I have a Denon DVD 2800 & a Denon 3802.

I demo'ed various offerings from B&W, M&K, Kef, Mission, Monitor Audio and Ruark.

M&K, Monitor Audio and Ruark, for me, had a definite edge, so I would definitely make sure you demo those.

I went for Ruark (Prologue, Dialogue & Epilogue) in the end - I find them detailed, very clear, and a beautiful fluid full range sound. I'm afraid at the sort of money you are going to spend there is no substitute than to buy with your ears.

Oh, and the sub....? SVS (20-39i)


Take a look at my signiture below:)

All the B&W's were £1400 & the sub via Uncle Eric's power-buy at £325 is within your budget.

From low volume to 'pictures jumping off the wall' volumes I think they give a great sound for both Music and Movies (and I think the neighbours agree - well no complaints from them YET!:D ).

I did audition the Ruark's, but I think they came in at around £2500:eek: Great sound, but at that money.....


Polk Audio - Polk Audio - Polk Audio

Finding a dealer to audition Polk Audio will be a feat in itself, not many dealers about, not up north anyway. I'm lucky as I have one on my doorstep, well 15minutes away. Well worth a listen, these are a class speaker, they are a fairly neutral sounding speaker, where non of the lows, mids or highs stand out on their own, they just blend beautifully. :D The speakers are very well made and look good to.

£2k should get you a real decent package. ;)

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