Speakers Dilemma


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My mate has coerced me into selling him my speakers all Tannoys

mx3-m floorstanders
mxc-m centre
mx2-m rears
used in conjunction with a yamaha rxv 630.

I was really pleased with these speakers except maybe the centre (i sometimes struggled to hear clear dialogue).

Obviously i now need to source new speakers so i am looking for suggestions.

I was considering going for the Tannoy Revolution series but would i find these to be a significant jump??

I am not looking to change my receiver so what other speakers should i demo?

Room is 4.2m x 4.0m subwoofer is Velodyne vx-10

Budget would be dependant on swmbo mood:laugh:



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the Revolutions are discontinued...replaced by the Eyris/Sensys range

they're great speakers but i think i'd find them a bit too laid back for movies

how about some mordaunt shorts?

906 fronts, 905 centre, 903s rears is £680 total and imo sound better than the Tannoy Revolution series and give a nice, crisp sound with plenty of vitality.

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