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Hi, Looking for some advice for a 1k budget, to sort a 5.1.2 setup.

Currently have an old aging LG 5.1 setup. Its fine, it works, it sounds "ok". Want something new to play with and given my old setup is about 10yrs old, im sure we can sort something out that is way better!

Usage; Movies 50% and main focus. Watching Sport 25%, Gaming 25%.

Size of Room, approx.

10ft wide, 14.5ft long, ceiling 7.5ft pure flat.

Seating position is a corner soft full length of back wall. 11ft from seating to a 65" tv
(where I currently have a centre speaker above tv, tall standing LG speakers left and right, and 2 rear speakers left right side of sofa).


Denon AVR-X2700H rocks in about 600 ish. and looks like it would do a job; any experience of this and vs other similar price points?


A lot of people for price point talk wharfdale DX2s but I am hesitent on size and power vs what I have now. Yes I want better audio, but also want to ensure its loud enough for movies, sport etc.

If looking at denon 2700 and cost of 600; leaves me with 400 to play with for speakers (and as below; waiting on atmos).

But if I can get decent views and feedback and its worth it; I could stretch to 1200 for total cost; if 200 atmos speakers is worthwhile.

Atmos Wise:

Question is; is it worth me trying to get 2 atmos speakers in this 1k budget; or push for best 5.1 setup I can get; then add 2 atmos speakers later.

Atmos Wise; only options are upfiring or 2 speakers mounted high facing down on angle?

Any experience with Tangent Spectrum XATMs or ELAC debut A4 Atmos Mk2 Both price pointed at 199 for pair.

and also vs Monitor Audio Bronze AMS which are about £299, worth 100 more?

If not upfiring, and high mounted down angled; any speaker type?

Upfiring wise; is it best they sit on top of your main 2 front speakers, L & R?

Thanks in advance! looking to buy this end of this month.

ps. its an older version of this, what I have at the moment


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Can you post few pictures of the room / draw and upload floorplan where you have couch, tv, speakers now and is there option to tweak room order to optimize the speaker placement better? I find it hard to get "full picture" without seeing some sort of picture(s).

I would always lean toward buying best 5.1 system first using the whole budget (1200£), then add the atmos later when funds allow as it´s not going to be night and day difference. I believe most members would agree on this route. Build good base first and then add the special things.

Receiver wise there isn`t much to choose looking your budget, Yamaha RX-V6A would be great option and some ways better cause it has preouts for main channels and also two more hdmi 2.1 inputs (3) where as Denon has only 1 so bit more future proofed in that way. But Denon has two hdmi outputs if you want to use tv & projector, Yammy only has one. You are going to get bundle deal when buying speakers + receiver together so perhaps there is something better..

I just looked bundle deals and many of those has gone up. Not the best time to buy as some av-receivers cost more than they did when announced. Crazy!


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Sure @Gasp3621 thanks for reply; when I finish work at 4; ill get a pic / floor plan added here.

Yeah cost increases linked to lockdown I would presume.

Its worth mentioning I will be getting a Ps5 and new Xbox soon; so that is also a factor here.


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@Gasp3621 Lounge layout attached.

A few points adding to above.

My main driver is better sound and experience for movies.

  • I will only have one screen ever needed to connect to this.
  • Sky is the main tv source
  • But also use netflix and prime occasionally

  • I have a ps4, upgrading to ps5 shortly.
  • I have a xbox but hardly use it bar 4K blu rays
Gaming wise that is all that connects to it.

On layout; I actually have my sub at the other side at moment, but it can go either.

My only other queries relate to cables but I can do some research on that; unless you have any obvious advice. Currently just standard hdmi's and an optical cable..



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If you have newer LG tv which has hdmi 2.1 inputs then you could connect the consoles straight to it and if the receiver has eARC you should get sound. In that case you could consider Denon X1600H and use the money saved in to better speakers/sub.

Even then you would be struggling with that 1200£ max budget. I would want something bit larger than DX2 ideally if you don´t have any size restrictions. Not sure is there space at both side for speaker stands (main speakers). Otherwise you should have wide (~2m) and decent height (50-60cm) av-unit where to place speakers on top of it. Speaker stands go for 50£/pair lowest new.

As you mentioned MA Bronze we can use that as example. It would also come with the FX speakers which are bipole/dipole wall mountable low depth (keyholes for 2screws). They would spread the effects bit more cause the issue you have is you sit against rear wall and you can´t raise the surround speakers higher than about seated ear height if you go with atmos route. This package would have the decent sized speakers at front which would be noticeable step up from DX2 size and also sound quality wise. And then you could later just add the AMS speakers from same range. Sadly the price is what it is, not sure is there any air and do you even have newer tv with hdmi 2.1 connections. If not then you need X2700H, Yamaha V6A. The 2nd bundle deal with latest Denon is much better so not sure is there some typo. The 5.1 speaker sub package costs 1260£ so the bundle deal is really good cause you pay 140£ for the 650£ receiver!

Q Acoustics 3000i 5.1 + X1600H and Dali Spektor 2 5.1 is within your budget (only if you have newer tv with hdmi 2.1 inputs). There is few changes you would do for the package though. I don´t think wife would agree such deep speakers on wall by the couch.

The packages cost about same with Yamaha as with X2700H and the 1200£ is just too low. It`s silly to pay so much for the receiver and then buy cheap speakers & sub.

Well there is few option check those out, sadly you might have to save up some more or take the extra you can´t pay with finance. I would wanted better subwoofer for you from company that specializes in to them as the package sub is always more or less poor. Tricky times indeed. Tell me your thoughts of these for starters.


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I can confirm my Sony Tv has:
HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 compliant, port wise. @Gasp3621

I am coming around to spending a bit more, the more I read - and factoring in your feedback :)

re: denon 2700 and Dali Spector 2 5.1

or denon 2700 and your monitor example. But need to read a bit more on speaker side now, options and how the above stacks up.

But that really pushes my budget. Its more a setting a budget and trying to stick to it than a cant afford situation. Purely on basis I have a few other things I am trying to look at; new sofa, ps5 etc lol.

So maybe I look should start looking at 1500 budget, but I would really like all in for that; but more I expand speakers less that looks likely :D

Denon 2700, Dali, 2 atmos for 1500 would be nice lol or equiv..

More reading this afternoon I think


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I would swap the subwoofer with the money used on the atmos speakers. It`s more important especially for movies. The thing is you can buy any package without sub just ask the price without it. It won´t drop much in bundle deal but the new one won`t cost that much either. Something like the forum favourite BK P12-300SB if you can fit it would be awesome and noticeable step up from the likes of tiny Dali sub.
Why i mention this is cause it´s often the first upgrade you would do your system to push it to another level. So why not do it right away. Atmos can wait.
If you look other brands like MA Bronze i linked which was released not too long ago it´s more comparable to Dali Oberon than the Spektor range. So if you are thinking the price there is reason for it. Hardest part is not knowing which sound you would like most. I have owned two brands of those mentioned and heard the third and basically it can go either way. My preference would be the new Bronze, but it might be too expensive when you swap the sub. It really depends which kind of deal PT would do for you.

For cables i would swap the speaker wire if it´s thin one which i think it is (free), the sub cable is fine and BK comes with cable too. HDMI cables you can get from Amazon UK, no need to be specific brand high cost cable if the length is 1-3meter or so.


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Niceone; ill have a read through this afternoon.

But one thing jumps out straight away, dimensions - my space is limited for the sub size. I have little options on where it can go. So 400 wise; no chance I can fit it :(

But ill go through it all and read up :)


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Niceone; ill have a read through this afternoon.

But one thing jumps out straight away, dimensions - my space is limited for the sub size. I have little options on where it can go. So 400 wise; no chance I can fit it :(

But ill go through it all and read up :)

Are you limited by width? In that case BK Double Gem might fit! 283W x 460D x 550H (mm)

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