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Speakers and walls ??

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by diablo, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. diablo

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    Jul 25, 2004
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    Fylde Coast, England
    At present, I have some rear-ported Tannoy speakers, either side of a television. One of them is in a corner and the other is 18 inches from a wall.
    I have always had to have the volume balance shifted towards the speaker which is more ‘in the open’ to get the soundstage accurately centred on the television.
    Having swapped the speakers around, as a check, I assumed that the right channel of the amplifier I was using was faulty. However, I now have a new NAD T753 driving the speakers and I find that I still have to add 6db to the right hand channel to get balance.

    I know that putting a rear-ported speaker in a corner has the effect of amplifying bass, but how far does this extend into midrange? Any info, or pointers to decent websites about this subject would be appreciated. :)

    I’m thinking of getting some Castle Conway 3 speakers, which have downward pointing reflex ports, to replace the Tannoys. One of the reviews on that link has an 'X', meaning no I think, against 'close to wall' option.

    Would this really make a big difference with this sort of port?

    Any info welcome.
    p.s. I'm not deaf in my right ear!

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