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speakers and square rooms !

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by karkus30, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. karkus30


    Jul 29, 2002
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    Very difficult to get a decent sound, but after reading an article by G.Cardas I eventually solved the problem. If you have this problem, then its worth a go.

    Cardas's diagrams take a bit of getting your head round, but it boils down to this:

    Take a tape measure and measure a spot 8' out from the wall that the back of your speakers will face. Then measure a spot 5' from the side wall nearest tour speaker position. Where those measurements intersect, draw an imaginary line from the corner to that intersection (its the 5:8 ratio thats important, it doesnt matter if it metres or feet). Your speaker needs to on that line, with the front face of the speaker direcly over the intersection point (depending on room size you may have to move your speaker further out or further back, but just keep on the imaginary line).

    Presuming you can take a central listening position, your seating position needs to form an equilateral triangle (all sides equal) with your speakers. So, if you have 10' between the speakers, then the listening position needs to be 10' from either speaker.

    Next (this is my bit, its not on the Cardas site). Get yourself seated in the optimum position for listening and look at each of the speakers in turn. You need turn each of these speakers to face you (refered to as toe in), such, that from your seated position, the sides of the speaker are invisible.

    Make sure each speaker is perpendicular with the floor and not leaning back, forward or to the side.

    Its best to put something to absorb or disperse the sound at the first point of sound reflection nearest the speaker and have some heavy furniture and a rug or carpet. Also try and get your listening position a couple of feet away from any walls.

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