Speakers and Amp - Help with buying for Dad

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I am buying (or atleast helping) my dad get a little set up for his front room.
He has £250.
He needs nothing fancy just wants to put his Topfield sound and the DVD sound into a hifi system.
Its a smallish room and is just to listen to music and watch TV and Films with a bit of clarity.

Now on ebay my Rotel amp is a £5 which would be perfect if it was not for the fact he wants silver as the DVD player and Topfield are as well.

To sumerise can you help me find speakers and an Amp for Dad can be new or ebay but within £250. Nothing fancy or of the latest quality just a nice set up for a 60(ish...) year old man (and his long suffering wife. Poor Mum ;) )

Have found these: would they be any good?


My 2 cents worth.....buy the speakers and spend some bargain dollars on a decent amp. I'm sure your dad will love the sound.:smashin:


If you can find a Rotel amp on ebay for the dollars you want to spend it will be of good quality and will be easy to use.


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Hmm speakers cold be a bargain you can get a nice stereo AMP and speakers for £250 major bargain if buying second hand if your dad is happy with stereo and doesnt want surround sound then you canpick up a realy nice system try the classifieds forum on here for other bargains without the perils of ebay

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