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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by TobyJ, Nov 5, 2001.

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    Just wanted a bit of advice in advance of a sound check visit to Seveoaks S&V on Saturday.

    I'm looking at DVD players, and amps & speakers at the same time.

    I want speakers that serve a separates hi-fi system, but can then be integrated into a surround home cinema set up. I have been persuaded to listen to the M74s (which I am keen on based on reviews) and the guy in S&V recommended I give the MA 5i's a listen.

    Can anyone tell me about either set? Also, floorstanders or stand mounted - opinions (I have a big room for this equipment, so space is not an issue)? Not seen much around re the Monitors.
    Any others I should consider?

    As a further aside, the guy has also recommended I try the Denon 2802 as an amp which could do the job for both AV set up and hi fi duties. Is this a good idea, or am I better with separate amps for each job (e.g. Yamaha 620RDS & Nad 350/370)?

    Some wisdom of experience would be most helpful.

    Cheers guys.

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