Speakers+Amp budget of around £500?


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After a year of listening to headphones im currently looking to buy some speakers and an amp with a budget of around £500.(may be able to push it)

My music tastes are varied but i spend alot of time listening to the following:
Apocalyptica,Metallica (Pre-Black album), Megadeth (Pre Youthanasia), Rage against the machine, Red hot chilli peppers , Pantera, System of a down, N.W.A, Ice cube, and lots of other rap.

my current idea's on speakers are:
Mission MX1 Black | Speakers Per Pair | Richer Sounds
MISSION 79 Series 790 Speakers - Black at cheap prices | PC World
Superfi - KEF Q300 SPEAKERS (PAIR)

Not to sure about amps at the moment maybe a Marantz or Nad?

I know that the Kef's are alot more expensive however due to some of my music not being well recorded i am concerned they may be too unforgiving, i do however still want detailed and reasonably revealing speakers. (Am i asking too much?) they do also push my budget however if its worth it im willing too. Any advice on what to go for? Im currently leaning towards the kef's at the moment and would probably buy a sub in the future for the occasional film.

any other suggestions are welcome!
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You've a similar taste in music to me apart from I listen to quite a lot of electronica as well

For amps I'd seriously consider the likes of the NAD C326BEE & Rotel RA04SE along with some Monitor Audio BX2's, Wharfedale Diamond 10.1's or possibly some Dali Lektor 2's

Are you prepared to look at 2nd hand separates (i.e. more bang for your buck etc...)?

Also; what source would you be using (i.e. CD Player, PC/MAC, iPod/iPhone etc...)?


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I am willing to buy second hand and my system will be PC>DAC>AMP>Speakers. most of my files ares lossless and i will a cd player in the future. I ruled out diamond 10.1's as i was told that they arent worth the extra money compared to the 9.1's. I am considering the B&W's aswell!


If you can get the B&W 685's at a good price then I wouldnt venture further than them

They really are superb speakers and kick well above their price tag - If youre lucky though maybe the M/A RX1's 2nd hand could be worth looking for

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