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Speakers - 1st time buyer


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Hi guys, i'd like to buy a pair of speakers to sit around my new set up:

Toshiba C3030D LCD TV
Sky HD Box
Sony PS3

what would you recommend for under £400? i don't really know where to start looking so i apoligse if my question is a bit vague!


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The one thing I don't see in your equipments list is a AMP. There are many fine speakers under £400(per pair?), if fact you can do well for even less.

But keep in mind, that your TV probably has a roughly 5w to 10watt amp, and that limits the speakers you can drive. What I am referring to is the fact that may speakers have a minimum recommended power rating. They typically need 15 to 20watt to work effectively.

At the top of the page for this and all the other forums here, you will find a section called "Today's Offers". One of these listed items has 6 offer, select that one, as you don't care what they are offerring, you only want the list of 6 on-line resellers. Notice on the right hand side of the next page, you will see 'Star' ratings for the various resellers.

SuperFi seems to have a reasonable selection to browse. Look there at speakers that appeal to you, then click on the speakers and look at the specs, if you can find a speaker in your price range that DOES NOT have a minimum power rating then you are good to go.

Personally, I recommend at least connecting the outputs of the TV to a stereo amp. More preferably if TV and Movies are your biggest interest, invest in a good A/V amp and connect to it. Of course then, you are going to want a 5.1 surround sound system, although 2.1 (two fronts +Sub) and 3.1 (two fronts, center, & sub) are also possible.

Complete 5.1 surround packages can be had for your price range -

Take this examples -


If you can give us a clear indication of what equipment you have, and what you have in mind for the £400 you plan to spend, we can probably make better recommendations. For example, do you have an existing amp; stereo or A/V 5.1/7.1? Are you looking for a pair of stereo speakers, or are you thinking of a surround sound system? Floor standing speakers or compact bookshelf speakers?

£400 will buy you a VERY nice pair of speakers, or a good midrange 5.1 system.

If you are looking for a pair of speakers, you can get them for much less than your budget and have money left over to pay for an amp.

Here are a few very nice pairs of speaker for much less than your budget, they are copied from another discussion in this group.

Wharfedale Diamond 9 ( £89/pair)

Warfedale Diamond 9.1 ( £129/pair)

Q Acoustic 1010 ( £89/pair)

All Award winning speakers.

Does that help at all?



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Hi guys, i'd like to buy a pair of speakers to sit around my new set up:

Toshiba C3030D LCD TV
Sky HD Box
Sony PS3

what would you recommend for under £400? i don't really know where to start looking so if my question is a bit vague then let me know.
Hi there
Well to run speakers your really going to need an amp to plug your sky and sony ps3 in to there are some 2.1 systems like the denon s101 http://www.weymouthhifi.co.uk/website/denon/denon-s101.htm
i think (you can ring to check) that the system has 1 optical and 1 coax input you can buy adapters to fit 2 optical in to one which are quite cheap http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?ModuleNo=35241&doy=5m1#overview this system is good quality and will sound very good.
Heres the spec it does have optical and coax inputs.


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If you dont have an Amp and want the full 5.1 package? Save a packet and get a second user Amp off the for sale forum here. I got a Yamaha DSP-A2 a couple of years ago for £160 I think you would pay less now. These dont have the latest video switching, auto set up or tuner but it still kick ass. Older technology but theres a reason the weigh in at 20Kg and were in their day £1k.

Leaves a fair wedge left for a speaker set and you WILL have the grunt to drive them! Trust me a Yammy DSP-A2 will get your speakers attention....do ya feel lucky punk....we do ya....... Sure you would get the smae result from other flagship models.

Just my 2p.


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thanks guys, to answer bluewizard, i don't have any equipment, would be looking at floorstanding surround sound speakers, looking at the prices my initial budget of £400 is high so i'll try £200-300 instead.

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