Question Speakercraft in-wall size and layout?


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I have a feeling I'm going about this all the wrong way - but I've basically got bits of a system and trying to add the missing pieces of the puzzle.

I'm boarding out my loft and plan to have it as a cinema room with dolby atmos (5.1.2?) I don't want intrusive speakers so have opted for in-wall. The shape of my walls is basically the same as the image below, so I can have speakers in the front wall, the angled ceiling or the the flat ceiling:


I was thinking 3 rectangles up front, and then maybe 2 on the angles and 2 in the ceiling. I have already got:

2 x Speakercraft AIM LCR 1
2 x Speakercraft AIM8 One
4 x Speakercraft AccuFit CRS7 One
1 x SONY SWFBR100W Wireless Sub (it came as a deal with my 4K TV)

SO... long story short, I'm looking for your advice on what I need to complete this speaker setup for Dolby Atmos / how best to use these speakers. I realise this is messy, and some of the speakers I've already got may be surplus to requirements (which isn't a problem - I'll just ebay them).

I'll also need an AV Reciever and was thinking Denon AVR-x2200W, but wasn't sure if it was powerful enough to feed all this lot?

Any advice would be a huge help - as I'm completely winging it!
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ps the main speaker (i think) I'm missing is the centre one. Which of the following would I be better off with...

1x Speakercraft AIM LCR 1 (this is the same speaker as my front L/R)


1x Speakercraft AIM Cinema One (this is basically a double version of my front L/R speaker)

Thanks again


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