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SpeakerCraft in-ceiling speakers have been proposed for my new AV system. Specifically, my main listening room will be equiped with the SpeakerCraft Aim One in-ceiling speakers in a 5.1 configuration. The proposed sub is the SpeakerCraft X10. I am also installing distributed stereo in five other rooms and the proposal is to use SpeakerCraft CRS Ones for the inside rooms and the WS710 for the Lanai. Each room will have a volume control. My questions are: 1) what experiences/opinions do you have on the SpeakerCraft Selections, 2) should I upgrade the system from a 5.1 to 6.1 configuration (all ceiling mount, I really don't have a good room for 7.1), and 3) how much difference would it make to include the SpeakerCraft enclosures for the speakers in the main theater room and/or the other rooms (stereo only). I plan to drive the main AV speakers with the new Marantz 7400 and use an older Marantz 2265B to drive the distributed stereo spearkers with the input provided by the SR-7400. Any thoughts on the SR 7400 and this arrangement would also be appreciated. Thanks!!!


Hi Donrantz,

I designed a system similar to this about a year ago.

From memory I recall we used a combination of AIM 3s and 4s - combined with a Denon AVCA11 AV amp.
With a REL subwoofer (Q400E I believe).

The client basically wanted everything hidden from sight apart from a plasma on the wall - so thats what we did.

Speakercraft speakers in general are actually very good albeit slightly expensive.
Their build quality and the way they sit totally flush (flat grill) in the ceiling is excellent.

Sound quality - well it depends what you expect from an in-ceiling - the idea of the AIMs is that they try to angle the sound down towards you so need a bit of careful planning to get them to angle towards your seating area.

Don't expect the sound to suddenly appear in front of you as speakercraft would have you believe - it doesn't quite happen like that. They are however definitely better than just firing the sound directly at the ground.

Personally I don't like the idea of placing the centre channel in the ceiling as the sound is always too high and can sound detached from the screen (unless you have a low ceiling which brings the speaker close to the screen).

In-ceiling speakers for the rear channels actually work quite well and would allow you to position the speakers where ever you want them.
5.1 or 6.1 usually depends on the size of your room - if its long (front to back) then yes this might be a worthwhile consideration.

If you are just positioning an extra speaker between the two rears then in practice you probably won't notice much of a difference.

Speaker back cans - use them if you can as they will often improve the performance of the speakers.

As for the Marantz - I can't comment as I don't them that well - however most AV receivers which have zone 2 out will generally have an input for IR on the back which just controls zone 2 switching etc - therefore make sure you have a run of CAT5E cable to the second location which can be used for an IR sensor and allow you to use your remote in the second location to control that room.

This IR sensor could also be expanded to control all your other components from the second room by integrating with an IR repeater from a company like Xantech.

Hope this helps.


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I went with Kef Custom Install speakers in my loft and these have been wonderful, everyone who has heard them that is into their AV has been gobsmacked.

Using the Uni-q drivers there is a very wide/seemless sound stage and they never seem seperated from the screen.

I use Ci 200QS for the front three.

Ci 130DS Dipoles for the sides.

And Ci 160FS for the rears.

I used them with a denon 3802 to start off with, then a Denon A1-SE and moved onto a processer and power amp, each time they got better and better. I heard some speakercraft units in a wall next to the Kef Ci200's and personally prefered the kefs.

I am about to move house and I am seriously tempted to go with the big Kef in wall units even though I can accomadate regular speakers, I love the sound and they way you can paint them so they dissapear, I didn't paint them in my loft bucause it is a dedicated room but you can see from the picture how neat it all is.


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