speaker worry!



hi, hope someone could er, put my mind at rest....

bought a cd t`other day - the wedding present greatest hits - and popped it in the cd player and all that came out of the speakers was er, like a digital noise like the cd player was playing the actual digital code and not the track. checked the cd on the pc and all the tracks were on the cd but in a windows media format and only taking up 23 meg of the cd.

the question is i heard/read somewhere a long, long, time ago that playing digital code "music" through your speakers can damage them. is this true? only played for about 3 or 4 seconds but just a little worried.....don`t think my bank account can handle another pair of monitor audio gr60`s!

any help in this matter would be much appreciated.

cheers, sticky


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How do the speakers sound if you play a "normal" CD?

How loud was the "digital noise"?

If it wasn't very loud, and only for a few seconds, then I would have thought it highly unlikley you would have done any damage.

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