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Speaker Wire


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Hi guys

Need some speaker wire desperately. Anyone recommend any companies etc? Not sure how much I need...about same that usually comes with systems

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Ebay is a good place to get reels of cheap cable. Just do a search for 2.5mm Oxygen free copper speaker cable. If you want to pay a little more then Van Damme Blue is well regarded on here.


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It depends on the quality of your existing system, and the extent of your existing budget.

In general good quality real speaker wire of a size of about 2.5mm² covers all the bases for most people.

For most consumer systems good wire like QED, Van Damme, Fisual, and many other in the roughly £1 to £2 per meter range serves most people well. For the front speakers, certainly, give the short runs, you could even bump that up to about £3 to £5 per meter.

If it is a very expensive system, then you might then consider wire at £10/m or more.

This company has a pretty fair selection are reasonable prices -

Van Damme Speaker Cable - Audiovisual Online - High Quality Audio Video Cables and Accessories

It you need a lot of cable, and need ultra cheap prices, then there are options in the range as well. You can buy on Ebay, but you have to have some sense of what you are buying. I think it better to buy from a reputable sources, especially if you are in the £1 to £2/m price range.



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Check out the powerbuy at the top of the forum....;)


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cheers guys. Bought some off ebay last night. Hopefully it does the job but was only cheap anyway

Problem is I have 2 Surrounds. 1 Sammy, 1 Onkyo. Sammy was downstairs but then bought Onkyo to replace, with the Sammy going upstairs. Onkyo wire was multicoloured and stood out like a sore thumb (I'm not digging it into the walls) so I used the Sammy stuff. So only got the multicoloured Onkyo wire for the bedroom now :(. Bought some white cable so hopefully will do the job

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