speaker wire to run under


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I did exactly this a few years ago, and everything still works perfectly - no sound issues and no laminate creaks, splits or bulges.

For the life of me I can't remember which cable I've got (it's either QED or Chord, silver/copper mix) all I remember is that it came with the +ve & -ve wires twisted around each other, so I had to untangle them all before I started. The diamater of each wire is 2mm, and I lay these directly on the concrtete floor, then duct-taped them in place with a few cm gap between them.

The laminate underlay went on top of that and absorbed the little 2mm bumps quite happily. The chap who fitted the flooring even drilled small holes in the beading to allow the wires to come through.

One thing, though, do allow enough length at each end to reach the amp or speakers plus some cable tidying & maintenance room. I have to be very careful when I pull the amp out for access as the wires get taut long before there's enough space to work with!

Some brands actually make flat-profile speaker cabling, so these may be worth checking out.

Good luck!
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